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It's somewhat laughable to think that this very blog started back in '09 as a documentation of my outfits—a style blog, if you will. I was working retail at the time and had accumulated a lot of clothes. A LOT of clothes. I was up on the trends. I was definitely a lot more daring with my outfits. More 'stylish', I guess. Not only was there a lot of volume in my wardrobe, but I was also freshly 18, so a lot of it was party dresses. Oh yeah, there were a lot of very short, very club appropriate dresses. Thankfully, in the past five years I've managed to grow out of that, weed out a good portion of the 'bad' in my wardrobe, and come up with my own uniform. That looks like jeans, a button down, boots or loafers, and the occasional pullover sweater thrown on top. It's simple. It's basic. It's foolproof. It's my go-to.

Yet, even in figuring that out, I still find myself staring aimlessly into my closet with nothing to wear. That or I try on everything I own in the hopes that something will scream 'ME,' but yet it never does. I'm chalking it up to still too much volume and careless purchases.

I've been dwelling on creating a Capsule Wardrobe for a while. It all started when I found this lady's blog, and then I started seeing them everywhere. A few months back, I printed out Unfancy wardrobe planner, got really excited about doing it, and then never got started. I've been thinking more about it lately, as the need to pare down my wardrobe has grown increasingly pressing—I'm planning to move out in the new year! Much to my delight, Caroline Rector of Unfancy was on The Lively Show (a new-to-me podcast that if you haven't listened to, you must) this week, and the episode has given me the swift kick that I needed to really get this going.

I'm currently working on the wardrobe planner, which I'll be sure to share here. I have a pretty good idea of what I want from my wardrobe—what I have, what I love, what I can get rid of, and what I need. It's just a matter of doing it, and what better time than when we're finally heading into fall/winter. Perfect Capsule Wardrobe, here I come...


Glenmore Reservoir, Calgary AB
It's takes me an hour and a half to get to school every day. That's three hours out of my day from Monday to Thursday. It's inconvenient and really kind of annoying. It does mean that I get to see this eight times a week though, which is a treat. It's my favourite part of the bus ride, and I always take pause to leer out the window. Out one window is the above, usually with a view of the mountains in the distance. Out the other window is more water, the dam, and downtown. It's pretty dang good if you ask me.

It's taken a while, but I'd say that fall is in full force in Calgary now. The above photo was taken on Sunday, and already in the last few days the weather is a little moodier, a little cooler. I'm not complaining. Out come the sweaters, the boots, the jackets, and infinite cups of tea in an attempt to keep warm. This is really just the tip of the iceberg (ha! iceberg! impending snow! get it?!) in regard to the "cold weather," but hey, after an entire life minus one year of living in Calgary, I'm still a wuss.

Enough about the weather. There has been a boatload of really great new albums out in the last few months. I've compiled some of my favourite tracks into what I'm deeming the October Playlist. Enjoy!

Body Gold - Wonder Wonder
Bridges - Boy & Bear
Our Love... - The Rural Alberta Advantage
Oh Cecilia - Born Ruffians
Dripping - Blonde Redhead
Stay With Me - Ryan Adams
Dancehall Domine - The New Pornographers
This Isn't My Song - Tennis
Bloodflood Pt. II - Alt-J
Fuck Em Only We Know - Banks
Coffee - Sylvan Esso

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My go-to for meal inspiration and overall healthy living inspiration these days tends to come from Instagram instead of blogs. There is a lot more instant gratification that comes from Instagram than having to hunt down blog posts on my seemingly endless Bloglovin' feed. I've been stockpiling Instagram accounts of some ladies who are showcasing some really lovely things right from the photography down to the actual meals. By following these accounts, I find that it's a lot easier to keep myself on track and inspired to mix things up in the kitchen. Here are a few of my favourites.


Images from Zara.

Zara is killing it this season. Usually, I'm not one for spring/summer attire because, well, layers, but I am really into the offerings at Zara. I've come to accept that the only colours that I wear are black, grey, camel, blue and the occasional mustard and red. There are a lot of really great pieces in that scheme at Zara right now, so I can't wait to get my hands on them.


Holy neglected blog.

So, 99.9% of the time I am blogging over at with wanderlust. That’s all fine and dandy, but some of the going-ons don’t fit over there. So, hey! I guess I’m back!

I’m doing this 40 bags in 40 days challenge. These days, I find myself wanting less and less, or at least more thoughtful items. Since I live at home, I don’t have a ton of space to call my own, but I still feel like there’s a lot of crap that could be weeded out. I’m getting my family in on the thing, and hopefully we’ll be able to clean up this place a bit over the next ~40 days. My areas of focus are the office (textbooks, old notes, art supplies), the kitchen (appliances, baking supplies, organize the pantry), my bathroom (makeup, hair products), and my bedroom. Which brings me to…

Curating my wardrobe. I accumulated a lot of clothes throughout high school and a couple years following from working retail. Since then, I haven’t bought a lot of new clothes. My style was a lot more out there than it is now, so there isn’t a whole lot in my closet that really speaks to me. I feel like it’s been going on for months, but I have ever so slowly been weeding out what I don’t wear. I’ve been following along with this series, and have been accumulating style inspiration here. I have a pretty good idea of what I’m after. My uniform these days consists of a pullover sweater over a button up blouse, jeans and white converse or loafers. Add a menswear inspired jacket and a huge scarf and I’m good to go.

I’m obsessed with Zara’s spring/summer offerings this year. I worked for them for quite a few years, and I don’t think that they’d ever put out a line this good during my time there. While I’d love to invest in some higher quality pieces, I am still in the mind frame of “I can’t have nice things,” because I am HARD on my clothes and shoes. It’s hardly worth it for me to dish out $500 on a pair of Rachel Comey boots or $300 on an Acne blouse when I am inevitably going to end up with salt stains from the snow and food stains from, uh, my inability to feed myself without making a mess. So, until I can get my shit together and either get a car and/or start wearing a bib, I think my best bets will be at Zara, Anthropologie, and Aritzia.


In addition to clothing, I’ve been taking an interest in beauty and skincare products. Partly due to laziness and partly due to my inability to properly apply makeup, I have managed to wean my skin care and makeup regime down to a few short steps. Of course, then I found myself in Sephora purchasing what are now some of my *dream* products, and we’re back to complicating things. The extra additions include the three products shown above: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation Primer, Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon, and Bumble & Bumble Hair (Un) Dressing Crème. Can we talk about that last for a second? I am so very guilty of washing my hair every day, which I KNOW is the cardinal beauty sin. I’ve tried the dry shampoo thing, and even after one day I just can’t hack it. I feel like a grease ball even when I’m really not, and I know that it sounds ridiculous, but that shit messes with my entire day. In comes the (Un) Dressing Crème, which is basically the anti-dry shampoo. Applied to clean hair, it gives the appearance of beautifully unkempt second-day hair without the grime. So ha, because now I can have lovely looking hair while also frying it from washing every day… WHO’S THE WINNER NOW?! I joke, of course, but for now it’s good enough for me.

I suppose that's it for now. What looks are you hoping to spot this season? Any beauty products that you're loving at the moment?

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